Get Paid to Write About Your Favorite Topic—Yourself

, Freelance writer (The Atlantic, NBC News) #binders

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"Grace is knowledgeable, candid, and approachable. She kept the class small so that we'd each have a chance to discuss our ideas...I'd recommend both Grace as a teacher as well as this class to anyone who wants to get inspired to write, understand the media landscape, and get an insider's advice on how to write something that people will want to read."

-student Eliza B.

Who is this class for?

This writing workshop is for anyone who wants to write personal essays and get them published in online and print magazines. This class is not about blogging or getting publicity for your business.

What is this class about?

Each one of us has an amazing personal story. How we survived an adventure against all odds. How we battled a physical or mental illness. How we remember our departed family members in everyday ways. At first, our experiences seem outlandish, strange, maybe even sensationalized. But within them lies something universal that a reader will relate to.

I'd like to help you find those stories and get them published.

Sign up for this class and learn:

  • how to avoid personal essay cliches 
  • how to weave larger themes into your real-life story 
  • how to craft your unique voice 
  • how to submit your work to editors

We'll write a short rough draft in class based on a prompt that I'll give you, and we'll discuss how you can make your essay even better. We'll look at great examples from The New York Times and more and explore personal essay writing best practices.

Most importantly, you'll get firsthand insights from me, someone who writes for a living and knows how to navigate the media terrain.

Jump-start your creative writing: Sign up for this class now!

What if I want to take an ONLINE writing class instead?

Then please sign up for my class Humor Writing: Become the Next David Sedaris (online) and How to Write a Killer Magazine Pitch (online).

What if I want one-on-one help with my writing?

Get personal writing advice from me either in person or via Skype when you make an appointment for Office Hours.

No professional writing experience required.
  • Get Paid to Write About Your Favorite Topic—Yourself


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Grace Bello

Freelance writer (The Atlantic, NBC News) #binders

Grace Bello is a lifestyle and culture reporter based in New York. Her articles have appeared in The, The New York Daily NewsNew YorkJezebelThe Hairpin, and more. She teaches journalism at Manhattanville College. Follow her on Twitter.

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