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, Freelance writer (The Atlantic, NBC News) #binders

Do you want to learn how to write fiction or even jump-start your novel? Take this course, taught by McSweeney's-published author, Publishers Weekly book critic, and freelance writer Grace Bello. Learn the elements of great fiction, get inspired by excerpts from master authors, and brainstorm your own ideas with in-class writing exercises.

You'll also get tips on editing, rewriting, and publishing your creative writing.

Please bring a pen and notebook or laptop.

No professional writing experience required. You should be able to write in English at the college level.
  • The Elements of Fiction

    Argo Tea

    75 University Place
    New York, NY


    1. Review fundamentals of fiction
    2. In-class writing exercise
    3. Share rough drafts and give and receive feedback
    4. How to self-edit and develop your work
    5. How to get your fiction published
    6. Q&A

    Resources will include excerpts from:

    • How Fiction Works by James Wood
    • The Elements of Style by Strunk and White
    • Changing My Mind by Zadie Smith

    I'll go over the fundamentals of outstanding fiction including how to develop dynamic characters, how to create dramatic tension, how to balance style and substance, and, most importantly, how to keep the reader hanging on every word.

    Based on a writing prompt from me, you'll create a rough draft, which we'll workshop in class. Or if you've got something you've been working on, please bring that in if you prefer.

    In a friendly, encouraging environment, you'll share your first draft with the class. We'll offer constructive criticism that includes both praise and tips on improving your manuscript. I'll share resources that will help you craft your specific piece. We'll review relevant fiction fundamentals, I'll tell you how I first got my writing published, and we'll cover where to submit your creative writing for publication.

    This session is part workshop and part conversation. Whether you're curious about getting started, writing second and third and fourth drafts, and/or how to get published, you'll get the answers you're looking for here.

    Whether you're still studying writing in college or are mid-career and looking for a creative outlet, I'll (re)introduce you to the craft of fiction. Learn how to think both creatively and strategically and how to get your words to sing on the page.
    Tue, June 5th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Grace Bello

Freelance writer (The Atlantic, NBC News) #binders

Grace Bello is a lifestyle and culture reporter based in New York. Her articles have appeared in The, The New York Daily NewsNew YorkJezebelThe Hairpin, and more. She teaches journalism at Manhattanville College. Follow her on Twitter.

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Argo Tea

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