You Don't Know C.R.A.P. about UX & UI

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Lets face it, you don’t know C.R.A.P and you really need to. If you’re running a software or web-based business, Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity are the four basics to get you started designing user interfaces. After you do know C.R.A.P., what comes next?

We stand at the frontier of a new era online, where experience wins and usability is demanded. As business and technology collide, we clamor for designers who can do it all, when what we really need is someone to convert new users, make our applications sticky and process feedback into valuable product features. This all takes understanding your users and their problems.

Get all your questions answered, learn a thing or two about better interface design, and walk away with the tools to give your in-house some C.R.A.P.

  • You Don't Know C.R.A.P. about UX & UI


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Lindsay Tabas

UX @Gustly
I’ve been dealing with C.R.A.P. since my first ergonomics course in 2002. Since then, I earned two degrees in information systems & design, and have designed websites and software running the gamut from random taco crawl generators to medical insurance claims processing. Your unique design problems are my playgrounds.
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