What Gets Measured Gets Done

, co-founder meetup.com / organizer dogpatch labs

If you're building a business today, especially a new business, it's important to know how you're measuring success and progress. Even more important is how you turn those metrics into action, building a metrics-oriented culture that knows how to respond to what you're learning from the data.

In this class, we'll look at examples from other companies such as Meetup and others. We'll understand what metrics are necessary to track and why it's important to always have a pulse on your business. From there, we'll dive into slicing the information into actionable steps to help move your business to success.

Format: The class will be broken up in a short lecture, Q&A, and group breakout session.

  • What Gets Measured Gets Done


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Matt Meeker

co-founder meetup.com / organizer dogpatch labs

Matt is the co-founder of four companies over the past 12 years, including Meetup.com and BarkBox.  

In addition, Matt works as an EIR for Polaris Ventures and Organizer of Dogpatch Labs in NYC, where he has heard investment and application pitches from thousands of companies, giving him perspective of the fundraising process from both the investor and entrepreneur views.

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