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, Entrepreneurial Manager

1. Learn how to utilize the Wordpress platform to develop a useful website by the use of templates, plugins and social media integration.

2. Understand how websites are relevant to your customers and which sections of the websites should do what to service those customers.

3. Develop useful general internet skills regarding SEO, internet strategy and how it relates to business strategy.

The floor will be open to questions at any time in addition to brief overviews of Wordpress, Internet Business Strategy and current trends in Social Media utilization for business use. The class will be directed by real life examples and participant discussion. *This class/session is not a lecture!

*Come one, come all! The session will provide knowledge beyond simple website discussion by including additional information regarding business strategy.

  • Websites & Wordpress


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Kirill Kachinsky

Entrepreneurial Manager
My first professional presentation was for the Microsoft Youth IT Challenge in 2006. Since then I have performed 100+ presentations in academic, professional and personal settings. I have coached myself through presentation-related text and professional associations such as Toastmasters.
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