Webmaking 101: Build your own Website with HTML, CSS, Javascript and WordPress

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Build a working website (yourname.com) and learn how to run it!

About the Class

Unlike other courses, this class aims to make you comfortable with the concepts, tools and practices of webmaking. We will give overviews before going into details using lots of video, metaphors, illustrations, and tests. After four weeks, you will feel confident and ready to make things happen!

This course broadly introduces you to the world of web development. It will enable you to begin making websites and it will equip you to teach yourself any new web skill in the future. 

Enrollment in the course includes 6 months of free full-featured hosting--i.e. a place online to put your website!

This class focuses on four areas:

You will get practice coding HTML, CSS and Javascript, the key coding languages of the internet. Instead of trying to cover these comprehensively, we will focus on giving you experience and understanding in the commonly used areas, so that you can pick up additional areas when needed (using the plentiful resources provided, see below).

Web developers use all kinds of tools that make them efficient and powerful at what they do. We'll demystify and regularly use all the essential webdev tools, like text editors, FTP clients, DOM inspectors, graphics editors, bandwidth and http trackers, code validators, and many more. We'll also explore the libraries and frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, Wordpress and cPanel) that make coding faster, easier and more efficient.

You will survey the fundamentals of how websites work, and how developers make them. This includes the mechanics of the internet, the components of a website, and strategies developers use to make things efficient, organized, and easy.

You will be showered with resources to continue your education on your own--this alone is well worth the full value of the course. The web is chock-full of free learning resources to help you with your webmaking work. However, on your own, it is a daunting task to sort through it all, and it is impossible to know which things to focus on even if you could find them. Your instructor is almost completely self-taught and believes you can teach yourself everything you need to know too. Along the way, we'll use all kinds of resources (references, educational, help forums, sandboxes, code generators, inspiration sites and Google search techniques).

More Information

You should be comfortable with email and using websites (like this one). This course will also be helpful to people who have learned code the wrong way and want to re-learn correctly, or for people who already dabble in web development, but are sometimes overwhelmed by it.

Level: Beginner

School: Technology

Related Subjects: HTML, CSS, WordPress, Website, Web Hosting

At a Glance

  • 6 Video Lessons (3h 47m)
  • 626 Students
  • 89% Positive Reviews (19)
  • Self-Paced Online Class

About the Teacher

Brenton Strine

Brenton Strine

Web Guru

I began teaching myself web development in the 90's and have gone on to develop sites used by millions for companies like eFax, Citrix and Amazon. I've also taught web development to m...

89% Positive Reviews

Christine F.

Christine F.

Brenton is a great teacher! I really loved his approach, both with the video lectures and the assignments. If you want to understand the basics of building a website, take this class!

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