Web Programming Concepts for Non-Programmers

Do the words Apache, cache, SQL, schema, JavaScript, AJAX & API's intimidate you? If you want a better grasp on how a website gets built, and/or if you simply want to learn how to communicate better with your technical team and friends, then this class is for you!

  • Web Programming Concepts for Non-Programmers


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Joseph Bamber

Entrepreneurship, web design and online marketing have been my passion (along with music) for over 14 years, but my favorite part is taking strategy, big ideas, new concepts, and teaching it to others in a simple way.  

My Background: After receiving an MBA from MIT Sloan in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, I was the co-founder of an international Social Enterprise, Assured Labor, for which I helped create our website design, user interface and HTML/CSS, automated email campaigns, online marketing, SEO and advertising plans for our international websites, EmpleoListo.  With my team, I created and executed a marketing plan to drive over 100,000 monthly unique visitors, in addition to training our sales, marketing, and customer support team in Nicaragua and Mexico. Prior to that, I was an early member at one of the top internet startups in online marketing software (HubSpot), which coined the term "inbound marketing", a now popular phrase describing how marketing is changing from outbound cold calls and spammy emails to blogging, SEO, and social networking.  More recently, I have helped one consulting client generate over $80,000 in new revenue in just 3 months time.

I am an avid believer that marketing, entrepreneurship and business should be an authentic extension of your true passion, and I try to weave this through everything I do and the way I teach.

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