"We Just Need 1% of China" and Other Things to Never Tell a VC

, Principal at MentorTech Ventures

It has happened to so many entrepreneurs. They go into a pitch meeting, tell their story and come out of the meeting excited to move forward with the investor. Then, they're shocked when the investor passes on the deal. Why did it happen? A lot of the time, it is because the entrepreneur violated one of these basic rules of how to talk to a VC about your business.

In "We Just Need 1% of China" and Other Things to Never Tell a VC, students will learn some of these deal-killing comments and how to talk about their business in a way that will make the VCs much more comfortable with the team and the plan.

Note: All profits from the class will be donated to Startup Corps, an awesome local nonprofit that teaches inner city high school students entrepreneurship by actually having them start businesses.

  • "We Just Need 1% of China" and Other Things to Never Tell a VC


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Brett Topche

Principal at MentorTech Ventures

I am a Principal at MentorTech Ventures, where we invest in seed- and early-stage companies with ties to the University of Pennsylvania. Usually, this means companies where the people (students, faculty members and/or alumni) come from Penn or the technology originated at the university.

Prior to joining MentorTech in 2007, I spent time at Hamilton Lane, helping pension funds, banks and insurance companies evaluate VC and other funds for investment.

Before Hamilton Lane, I spent 4+ years with NJTC Venture Fund investing in seed and early-stage companies from metro New York to metro Philadelphia.

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