This workshop will include a talk about SOFTlab's work in not only generating site specific installations, but also how they customize software to create all of the drawings needed to fabricate these installations. Each installation is produced of many unique modular "flat" parts that are assembled on site to produce large spatially complex pieces. Each installation is engineered in a way that it is structurally stable as a thin surface rather than a typical frame and clad system. After the talk a series of modular pieces will be cut on site on a laser cutter and participants are encouraged to help assemble the parts into a larger assembly.

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Michael Szivos

SOFTlab is a design studio based in New York City. The studio was created by Michael Szivos shortly after receiving a graduate degree in architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University. The studio has since been involved in the design and production of projects across almost every medium, from digitally fabricated large-scale sculpture, to interactive design, to immersive digital video installations. As the studio adjusted to a wide range of projects, we began to focus less on the medium and style and more on ideas.

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