Use Photoshop Like a Pro Photographer

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Ever wonder how Cousin Bobby manages to take stunning photos with his dinky point & shoot camera while you, the savvy wanna be photographer with your big, fancy camera can only manage dull, lackluster shots?

One word: Photoshop

You don't need a fancy camera to create beautiful photos, you need to learn how to use a few key tools in Photoshop.

In this class, we'll demystify Photoshop and transform it into your very own digital darkroom. We will cover how to adjust white balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, as well as introducing you to more advanced techniques of dodging & burning. Kiss those old developing cans goodbye and welcome in the digital era with wide open arms. Boo-ya Cousin Bobby.


Bring your laptop and at least three digital photographs (we'll be demoing photoshop).

Photoshop CS (If you don't own it yet, download a free 30 day trial on
  • Use Photoshop Like a Pro Photographer


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Lauren McCabe

Writing, Marketing, Photography, Surfing

Lauren McCabe is a native of New Orleans who's passion for photography began in the darkroom, slowly developing black & white prints, watching the images appear magically before her eyes.

Since then, technology has evolved at lightening speed and so has Lauren: she has been shooting digital photos and processing them in Photoshop for over six years.

Lauren is best known for her travel photography, which has been awarded by Conde Nast Traveler and Costa Rica Pages.

A graduate of Columbia University in English & Creative Writing, Lauren currently works as a freelance writer and marketing consultant in New Orleans. You can find her travel photography on

Feel free to reach out to Lauren on Twitter at @MermaidTales or via email [email protected]
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