Tips for Early Stage Companies Looking to Break-Through

, Co-founded TypeFrag and Carbonmade

We'll cover a range of early stage topics. We wanted to co-teach a class, because while we share similar startup philosophies, we've taken different approaches in getting there.

A few examples of that: Carbonmade has bootstrapped from the beginning, never pivoted, and uses a freemium model; whereas Yipit pivoted twice, didn't have a revenue model, but got traction and raised a Series A in 2010. Despite different approaches, both companies are successful and continue to grow at astounding paces. There are a number of factors that have made both of our companies successful in the early stages and we want to share those experiences with you.

The class format will include a short lecture followed by Q&A from the audience.

Note: This class is best attended by people just starting out or within the first year of running their company.

Co-Teacher: Vinicius Vacanti


Vinicius Vacanti is the Co-Founder of, a service that finds you great local deals by learning your tastes. You can follow Vin on Twitter.

  • Tips for Early Stage Companies Looking to Break-Through


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Spencer Fry

Co-founded TypeFrag and Carbonmade

Spencer and Vin are co-founders of two well-known NYC startups -- Carbonmade and Yipit.

Twitter: @spencerfry

Twitter: @vacanti

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