Tips for Early Stage Companies Looking to Break-Through

, Co-founded TypeFrag and Carbonmade

We'll cover a range of early stage topics. We wanted to co-teach a class, because while we share similar startup philosophies, we've taken different approaches in getting there.

A few examples of that: Carbonmade has bootstrapped from the beginning, never pivoted, and uses a freemium model; whereas Yipit pivoted twice, didn't have a revenue model, but got traction and raised a Series A in 2010. Despite different approaches, both companies are successful and continue to grow at astounding paces. There are a number of factors that have made both of our companies successful in the early stages and we want to share those experiences with you.

The class format will include a short lecture followed by Q&A from the audience.

Note: This class is best attended by people just starting out or within the first year of running their company.

Co-Teacher: Vinicius Vacanti


Vinicius Vacanti is the Co-Founder of, a service that finds you great local deals by learning your tastes. You can follow Vin on Twitter.

  • Tips for Early Stage Companies Looking to Break-Through


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Spencer Fry

Co-founded TypeFrag and Carbonmade

Sarah has been an iOS developer for over 4 years. She has had experience working on several different projects beginning at very early stages of the product. Most notably, she helped launch the first versions of Brewster. In her free time she has built other applications such as Eatify. She is currently working on a 2D iOS game in her free time. 

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