This Shit Ain't Legal: HR and Employment Facts for Startups

, Managing Director NY Tech Meetup

This class is being co-taught by Jesse Ma of Gawker and Jessica Lawrence of NY Tech Meetup.

Can I hire my girlfriend's genius 16-yr-old brother to develop my website full-time? Do I have to hang up those workplace safety posters if they don't go with my office decor? What if I only want employees who are above 6 feet tall?

Hiring people is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your company. In this 90-minute class, we’ll demystify some of the popular myths about hiring people and how to avoid some classic nightmare situations. You’ll learn about the types of legal risks you should keep in mind before you post job openings, conduct interviews, and send offer letters. You’ll also learn a few tips for after you hire and when you need to fire.

By the end of the class, you’ll walk away with a helpful list of things to keep checked off as your grow your company and hopefully some peace of mind as you make your hiring decisions.

  • This Shit Ain't Legal: HR and Employment Facts for Startups


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Jessica Lawrence

Managing Director NY Tech Meetup
Jessica Lawrence

Jessica Lawrence is currently the Managing Director of the NY Tech Meetup and was previously the CEO of a Girl Scout council in Southern California where she managed a team of 75 full and part-time employees. She loves distilling the intricacies of HR and all of its processes down to what's practical and actually helpful. She has a degree in psychology from the University of Maryland and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University.

Jesse Ma

Originally from San Francisco, Jesse Ma currently works on the legal team at Gawker Media. He also develops and designs web applications in his spare time. Prior to working at Gawker, Jesse was worked in financial services at large institutions including JPMorgan, UBS, and Morgan Stanley. He graduated from the University of Chicago in 2005 with a degree in Economics and Fordham Law School in 2009.

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