Thinking Like A Programmer - Coding For People Who've Never Coded

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Anyone and everyone can write their own programs! If you've ever cooked following a recipe, you can program. If you've ever solved a puzzle, you can program. If you've ever played a game - you can program! Learn the basic concepts of computers, information processing, and modern programming languages from a pro and empower yourself with a set of problem solving tools you can apply to any situation. Students at all skill levels are welcome, though beginners will benefit most from this study. No experience is required other than a strong desire to learn how to program.

Students will walk out of this workshop having learned many of the fundamental concepts of modern programming languages, will gain a basic working knowledge of the Python programming language, and will take with them the mental framework needed to approach problems logically and atomically. Please note that this class is not about "building web sites" or using HTML or other markup languages; if you're familiar with the term, Python is best described as a "back end" technology.

You must bring a laptop - Mac and Mac OS 10.4 or greater preferred, because they already come pre-installed with all the tools you need to get started programming immediately. Step by step instructions will be provided prior to class to help you get your laptop ready for programming if you don't have a Mac. Please notify the instructor if you are bringing a non-Mac laptop!
  • Thinking Like A Programmer - Coding For People Who've Never Coded

    Greenpoint Coworking

    240 N. Henry Street
    Brooklyn, NY

    Sun, July 22nd, 2012

    12:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

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Mike Caprio

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Mike has worked with databases since 1988, when he helped his mom run a custom-built database application for her business on an AT&T PC XT. He has a BS in Computer Science from WPI in Worcester, MA and has been a software engineer and database developer since 1997. Mike has managed structured data on various database platforms and has worked for the biggest companies in the world solve their big data, master data management, and data migration problems.
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