The Enterprise of eMail

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Who is this SkillShare best for?

This SkillShare will be for those who are NOT on a company wide Enterprise Server.  

Or who are and want the same type of access with thier personal or non-work information.  

(I keep mine seperate).

What will I learn?

Ever wonder how you use the Enterprise model of email with a google account?

Here is a way to keep your contacts, mail and calendar up--to-date in real time and in one place never having to worry about where your "stuff" is after your smartphone takes a dive in the toliet or off the car.  

It happens.  A lot.

How do I know if it's for me?

Do this simple test.  

Throw your phone in the desk.  


Access your calendar, email and contacts within 1 min (or so)? 

If you cannot do that.  Then this  short but very vital SkillShare is for you!

  • The Enterprise of eMail

    Your Computer

    777 PC Place Colby Drive
    Fort FairField, ME

    During this session a brief look at what the advantages of a tradidtional Enterprise email server gives you verses the traditional POP and some other IMAP emaiil profiles, and how you can impose these enterprise characteristics on a gmail account.

    Tue, September 18th, 2012

    8:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Jared Christensen

Communication Specialist

Telecommmunications Mobile Solutions Specialist working for Telus in Eastern Canada.  

Working with B2B Clients all over Atlantic Canada, for one of the largest dealers in Canada. Specialising in Fleet Management, Mobile Signal Boosting, Mobile Internet Access, and B2B Platform /App deployment on Smartphones.

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Your Computer

777 PC Place

Fort FairField, ME

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