The Care + Feeding of a MongoDB Cluster


MongoDB is a cutting edge NoSQL database that lends itself to extreme flexibility. Given the right design, hardware, and configuration, scale up to hundreds of millions of documents without breaking a sweat. This class will walk through some of the basics of how you need to prepare, what you need to monitor, and what do to keep your application up and fast. Topics will include document design, indexes, replicas, sharding, filesystem, working set, reclaiming disk space, and automation.

Some knowledge of MongoDB.
  • The Care + Feeding of a MongoDB Cluster

    Behance Office

    532 Broadway Fl 7
    New York, NY

    Tue, July 24th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Chris Henry


Chris Henry is the CTO of Behance,  the leading platform for creative professionals.  The Ops team at Behance has years of experience in the trenches keeping the Behance team's products up and running, and running fast.

The Behance Network's Activity Feed is built upon a 50 node MongoDB cluster that stores and manages hundreds of millions of documents. This class represents the collective knowledge the team has accrued while working with MongoDB.

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    Behance Office

    532 Broadway Fl 7

    New York, NY

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