The Business of Big Data

By ·Venture Capitalist at IA Ventures

Big Data refers to datasets of such complexity that today's tools struggle to capture, store, analyze and visualize them. Most data generated today is simply treated as exhaust—lost forever along with the valuable insights held in it. This is purely because all but the most sophisticated organizations are overwhelmed by the massive and complex datasets that are now commonplace. And this is just structured data. Messy unstructured data is everywhere and goes largely unexplored. Unlocking even a small amount of the information held within it will transform entire industries.

This class will explore the evolution of Big Data technology and the rise of the Big Data startup. We will cover areas of opportunity, ongoing challenges in the market and the characteristics of a sustainable Big Data business.

**The class will be co-taught with Brad Gillespie, also a member of the investment team at IA Ventures. Brad is a seasoned technology leader with over fifteen years of experience in businesses such as security, mobile, high performance computing, and health & wellness. Previously, he has been the Technology Advisor to Microsoft’s CTO, and developed classified detection systems for Lockheed-Martin. Brad currently sits on the boards of IA portfolio companies Tracevector and Coursekit.

Note: All proceeds will be donated to Raise Cache, a benefit fashion show on November 17th to celebrate NY tech and raise $100,000 for HackNY.

  • The Business of Big Data


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Ben Siscovick

Venture Capitalist at IA Ventures

Ben is a member of the investment team at IA Ventures. Ben began his career as a web entrepreneur and founding partner at D202 – a full service web development and consulting firm focused on online communities and mass decentralized collaboration. Prior to joining IA Ventures, Ben was an investment banker at Allen & Company and Barclays Capital. Ben currently sits on the boards of IA portfolio companies PlaceIQ, Kohort and Thinknear.

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