The Art of the Cold Call

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There are people out there who want what you are selling. Who will give you their money if only they knew you existed. But they don't. For a struggling start up like yours, there is only one way to get to the right person. Pick up the phone.

This class will turn you into a revenue generating, phone wielding master. Cold Calling is a deeply psychological exercise. We'll start with a brainstorm. Why does cold calling suck? What do you feel when you get that call? when you make one? We'll tackle these issues so that you can build up your confidence and deliver a flawless call.

Then we'll get strategic. We'll review how to build a pipeline, cold emailing, the art of the voicemail. You'll learn how to to explore every nook and cranny on the internet in order to find that elusive lead.

And finally, you'll get the tools to make your own calls. Cold calling is personal, and everybody needs to find her own style.

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  • The Art of the Cold Call


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