Test Your Code: An introduction to PHPUnit

, QA Engineer at Rent The Runway

As any development team's code base grows, there is a need for quality assurance to keep as many bugs possible out of the development cycle.The relative cost of bugs being discovered in production is always much greater than the cost of them being found in development.

Manual testing is repetitive, strenuous, and painful. The outdated way of testing code would be to manually test features at each step of development. The improved method involves automation and programatically testing your code automatically after each commit. As the old saying goes, "If it hurts, do it more frequently and bring the pain forward."

PHPUnit is a testing framework that allows you to write automated unit tests. Using PHPUnit will help you catch problems sooner and avoid deploying bugs into production. My class aims to teach how to write proper unit tests using PHPUnit. By the end of the class, you should be able to write efficient tests that follow standard testing patterns and integrate unit testing into your own development process.

Tags : unit testing, PHPUnit, PHP, programming, framework, agile, qa, quality assurance

Basic knowledge of PHP or comparable Object Oriented Programming language.
  • Introduction to Unit Testing


    532 Broadway (Corner of Spring and Broadway) 7th Floor
    New York, NY

    There will be a short lecture explaining the benefits of unit testing, and then several hands-on examples to get you started with writing PHPUnit tests. My goal is to teach you how to integrate PHPUnit into your framework and adapt unit testing into your own development team's culture.

    Wed, June 20th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

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Dan Chan

QA Engineer at Rent The Runway

Since joining Behance in 2011, I have been operating as the company's lead QA engineer, where I have been integrating technologies such as PHPUnit, Selenium, and Jenkins into our development practices. In the short time that I've been around Behance, I have built a testing framework that covers over six applications, started a continuous integration server to run against our multiple code repositories, and introduced browser integration tests to our development team.

Outside of Behance, I am an active member of the #Selenium community, and am currently maintaining the PHP Formatter Plugin for Selenium IDE on GitHub.

I am also a regular contributor to Behance's own development blog:

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