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Learn who your customers are and what they need. 

If you're an early-stage startup founder or employee or just thinking about making the move to entrepreneurship, this intro to startup methodology is built for you. The class is for both business and technical people. My expectation is to introduce you to some useful concepts and have you walk away with a group of people that you can continue to exchange ideas with.

This class is the basic version of my longer Startups Unplugged course that I've run 6 times so far. To learn about the experience of others who took that course, check out some of the testimonials here: And if you are unsure whether this is for you, contact me at [email protected] and we can talk a bit and see.

Format: Class will move quickly but also give you the opportunity to share your experience with others.

- Before the class: Fill out the Google Form here to describe your background and the issues you face (takes 5 minutes). Contact me if there questions about this.

- Lecture Content: Why use Customer Development / Lean Startup methodology; Build-Measure-Learn; Experiments to run that can help you learn; Intro to useful Metrics. How to talk to potential customers. Really important things I learned by running a startup. Quick discussion of readings.

- Assignment: Talk to 10 potential customers after this class. Follow up with me later on and we can discuss your experience.

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    TBD - Will be in Manhattan
    New York, NY

    Tue, April 10th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Paul Orlando


I already ran 6 courses that are a longer-term version of this class. I’m someone who has gone through startup issues that you might be dealing with now. Over the last 2 years, I learned a ton as I built a team, shipped product and got people to pay for it. While I do read a lot about theory, I’m more interested in putting it into practice, and that’s what this workshop is all about. Otherwise, I’m pretty active in the startup community and over the last year I presented unique data, entrepreneurial stories and demoed at events including DorkBot, BizSpark, the Levin Institute, Disrupt Hackathon, Columbia, Founders Space, the Startup Leadership Program, Startup Monday Hong Kong and others. A bit about me:

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    TBD - Will be in Ma...

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