Social Design and the Search for Self

, Social Design Strategist Facebook/Google/Apple

Social systems are quickly becoming part of the real world and a reflection of it, a means by which we can communicate with each other more efficiently. These days, it seems like everyone and their mother is working on their "social media strategy" for their brands or designing products that are social in nature, but few really understand what it all means, how it works and why it's important.  

With people at the center of the web, we have the ability to transcend our limited physical reality and create something that can evolve us faster than ever before. But in this brave new world, we need to take into account existing social truths and think carefully about the identities and respective communities we can deeply affect. This class explores the fundamental psychological underpinnings of social design - in the greater spectrum of humanity and evolution - that help explain why the social systems of the past fall short and why the new trends of today are bringing us closer to our self-actualization.

Please read the Facebook Social Design Guidelines which I wrote. They explain all the tangible components of how to build effective socially-designed systems and this talk focuses more on the humanistic principles on which they are based.

Eric Fisher

Social Design Strategist Facebook/Google/Apple

I'm a storyteller and product architect by trade and by personality. From drawing cartoons, writing stories and constructing miniature towns as a child, I've since taken to Internet, having both built a number of social websites singlehandedly and worked for the biggest companies in Silicon Valley.

I was most recently the Social Design evangelist at Facebook where I designed various aspects of the site and, most notably, authored and promoted the Social Design Guidelines to developers, designers and brand advocates both in Europe and the US. Earlier, I worked on the technology evangelism team at Apple where I helped define design guidelines for developing mobile applications. I've also worked at Google and independently designed and consulted for numerous smaller companies including Airbnb, and Eventbrite.

Currently I'm working on a new venture of mine in which I am building better conversation channels for communities.

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