So you wanna build iPhone & iPad apps?

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So you're interested in making apps for the iPhone or iPad?

That's awesome! It's a platform that can inspire any project; whether you're interested in building games, utility apps or the next big thing.

However, like with any new technology, building apps for the iPhone or iPad introduces new tools, methodologies and frameworks that can often seem like a leap into the unknown.

This class is designed to focus on learning the foundations; through best practices, covered in a pragmatic order that paves the way for future classes.

What's more, we'll have your first iPhone app built by the end of the class!

Although this class focuses on building for the iPhone, the topics covered closely overlap for anyone interested in building for the iPad as well.

Class structure

We'll begin with a lecture that introduces iPhone development, followed by a hands-on workshop and Q&A.

What should I already know?

Prior programming experience with good knowledge of at least 1 other language is required for this class.

Experience with Object-Oriented Programming and the MVC design pattern is also advised so we can cover as much coding as possible. Feel free to Google the topics in preparation for the class.

Please post in the comments if you have any questions or concerns about experience.

What should I bring?

In the second half of the class, we'll walk through building your first app. If you wish to follow along, please feel free to bring your laptop and read the notes below* to arrive ready to code.

If you don't wish to follow along this time, a laptop is not mandatory for this class and the source code will be posted online for reference later.

*Bringing your own laptop?

You must have a laptop running Mac OSX 10.6 or higher.

Download Xcode 4.0 or higher (Apple's free IDE)

  • So you wanna build iPhone & iPad apps?


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