Slide Chi: Advanced PowerPoint Design/Workshop

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Dear Skillsharers,

After conducting a "beta" version of this class, I have determined that it was a very ambitious agenda for a single session.  I have listed a more comprehensive two-session course on messaging development that better enables students to improve their messaging end-to-end.

The first session focuses on identifying key messages and creating an outline for delivery.  The second session focuses on enhancing that delivery and workshopping slides.

If you were interested in taking Slide Chi, I encourage you to visit the messaging workshop class page and sign up.

Thanks, Adam

  • Slide Chi: Advanced PowerPoint Design/Workshop


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    Coming Soon...

Adam Sigel

Clear and concise

This is an event hosted by Skillshare community ambassadors, not by Skillshare itself.  We're staying true to the idea of learning anything from anyone, including our fellow community members and teachers.

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