SQL for Non-Developers, A Gentle Introduction

, co-founder / CTO at Locately

This class is designed for marketing, business development, CEOs, and other roles which need data to do their jobs, but are dependent on an IT person to get to it. It will teach you enough SQL to be able to write a query and pull data out for analysis.

We'll start at the very beginning with what a database is (simple/obvious questions are encouraged). We will then install and show you how to use a program to query a live database. We will then go through a few examples of how to perform different kinds of queries and load the results into Excel or a Google doc.

I taught this class informally for a few friends. They found it very valuable and it was fun to do, so I decided to see if more people were interested. Suggestions/feedback on what to cover are welcome.

  • SQL for Non-Developers, A Gentle Introduction


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Drew Volpe

co-founder / CTO at Locately

I've been a software developer for more than 10 years. I was an engineer and then Director of Engineering for a company that built a schema-less BI database (recently acquired by Oracle) and am currently CTO of a startup that provides large brands with analytics on how consumers shop for their products. I've taught this class informally to friends and previously was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard.

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