SEO Workshop for Grownups: Website Launch to Longterm Visibility

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This workshop goes into much greater depth about search engine optimization (SEO).

Although my other class - SEO is Your Friend: Intro to Link Juice & Ranking is not a pre-requisite, this workshop goes into much greater detail about how easily and instantly you can optimize your webpages for search.

Class goals:
Actually build a real website from scratch (demonstrate top ranking factors, and page - as well as keyword - optimization)
Develop agressive link building strategies
Learn how to harness Google analytics
Be able to put a plan in place to climb those ranks!

The usual fun factor is included, as refreshments will be served and connecting with classmates is encouraged.

Note: Laptop or tablet required

We will be using Wix for this class - shoutout to the Wix Lounge and for helping to make this class possible!

  • SEO Workshop for Grownups: Website Launch to Longterm Visibility


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Judi Huck

online/offline community builder
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of Producteev's core strategies and strengths. It currently ranks #1 under certain keyword searches, including "task management" on Google. I have trained and shadowed under a true SEO master, and I publish optimized content that helps maintain our top position.
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