SEO Workshop for Grownups: Website Launch to Longterm Visibility

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This workshop goes into much greater depth about search engine optimization (SEO).

Although my other class - SEO is Your Friend: Intro to Link Juice & Ranking is not a pre-requisite, this workshop goes into much greater detail about how easily and instantly you can optimize your webpages for search.

Class goals:
Actually build a real website from scratch (demonstrate top ranking factors, and page - as well as keyword - optimization)
Develop agressive link building strategies
Learn how to harness Google analytics
Be able to put a plan in place to climb those ranks!

The usual fun factor is included, as refreshments will be served and connecting with classmates is encouraged.

Note: Laptop or tablet required

We will be using Wix for this class - shoutout to the Wix Lounge and for helping to make this class possible!

  • SEO Workshop for Grownups: Website Launch to Longterm Visibility


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Judi Huck

online/offline community builder

I've been blogging since the '90s - not really. Though I have managed blogs for several sites, which most recently includes NY Creative Interns. Blogging has once helped establish my company to the #1 rank under Google search terms. It has also led to interesting consulting opportunities. This class is designed to help you take content and blogging to the next level, regardless of any prior experience or expertise.

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