Responsive Web Design: Make Your Site Sexy & Flexy!

, Application Designer

Learn to create a flexible, responsive version of your site using fluid grid layouts, CSS Media Queries, and other techniques. Have your site adapt to a mobile device, a tablet, and a desktop computer without the need to build and maintain different sites.

During this class, we'll cover:

  • How to create a flexible, responsive layout,
  • implementing Media Queries in multiple ways,
  • tips for managing your CSS without losing your mind,
  • working through an excercise,
  • shortfalls of current solutions and what the future holds,
  • Q&A.

You'll walk away with a priceless cheat sheet to get rolling. Coming into this class, you should already possess a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

  • Responsive Web Design: Make Your Site Sexy & Flexy!


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David Ross

Application Designer

David is a web application designer who specializes in interface design and app customization. Currently employed at a firm in Philly, he's working extensively with Sharepoint, MVC, and internal .NET application development. 5+ years professional experience.

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