Rapid Game Prototyping part 2: Intermediate

, Lead Game Developer at 5th Planet Games

This class is an Intermediate followup to Rapid Game Prototyping, which introduced prototyping tools and taught the basics of using Construct 2 to achieve it.

The focus will again be on using Construct 2 in a more intermediate level to develop your game ideas.

The following topics will be touched on:

  • Families
  • Tiled Backgrounds
  • Functions
  • Behaviors
  • Sprite editing and animation
  • Logic control
  • Local vs Global variables
  • Dictionaries and Arrays
  • Plugins
  • Working with different Platforms
  • Exporting to different devices

This class will be a little more directed towards the individual interests of the class and not all topics above may be covered in the alloted time. An advanced workshop class will be provided in the near future to go in depth on individual projects and needs.

Rapid Game Prototyping pt 1 or equivalent basic Construct 2 knowledge. A windows computer with Construct 2 installed.
  • Hands on project building

    Hacker Lab

    1715 I st
    Sacramento, CA

    Sun, June 16th, 2013

    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm PDT

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Devin Becker

Lead Game Developer at 5th Planet Games

Devin Becker is a long time amateur game designer an programmer. Having made and sold his first game in high school made in QBasic on DOS 3.0 he learned the magic of being able to make your game designs yourself as easily as possible. Seeing the web and mobile as the future platform to play games on he moved from professional web app development into a full time career as a professional game developer.

As a veteran of many game jams and co-organizer of the long running Sacramento Game Developers meetup he is an expert in going from idea to a playable game prototype at blazing speeds in a way that's fun, not work.

During his time at Apple Support he created and taught the training course for both the iLife and iWork suite of applications, even mid-release.

He co-hosts a very popular podcast on game design, Exploring Design on Game Developers Radio and runs an online game design school, Ludology U. He's currently a lead developer at a 5th Planet Games working on web and mobile games and writing a book on modern game development methods.

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