Rails Gotchas

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So you've read The Rails Tutorial, or watched Rails for Zombies, or been through one of the many other introductions to building web applications with RoR - what next!?  

There is a whole lot to learn when starting web development, so we'll go through some common questions and issues that come up, and hopefully save you some headache down the road.  We'll address the why and how of:

  • RVM setup
  • What is Bundler, anyway?
  • Life beyond scaffolding
  • Ruby vs. SQL: make your database do the work
  • Do I need to write tests?
and leave time for Q&A.  Proceeds will be donated to CoderDojo NYC.
Some familiarity with Ruby on Rails - you should be through an introductory tutorial or two.

Aidan Feldman

web developer by day, dancer by night
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