Pull Your Own Data: An Introduction to SQL

By ·Director of Community @ FirstMark Capital

Class Project

Write Basic Data Queries

SQL is the computer language used to access data in most databases. And, according to this blog post, "it’s been one of the greatest skills I could have ever acquired as a marketing / business guy at a startup."

This class is intended for those with absolutely no SQL experience whatsoever, but want to learn. Here are some common symptoms that can be cured by learning SQL:

  • you are always asking Engineers to get data for you
  • Excel can’t handle all of the data you’re working with
  • you’re a web designer that wants to start working with databases
  • you like to learn new things

By the end of the class you'll be able to write basic to intermediate queries, which means: 

  • You can get raw data for yourself -- quickly
  • You can perform sophisticated analysis of millions of rows of data
  • You can calculate your sales by month, you most profitable product, your most loyal customer, and so on

Here is what we will cover in the class:

  • How SQL databases are structured
  • The types of information that databases store
  • How to access rows in a database
  • How to filter a database for only those rows that meet certain criteria
  • How to join information across multiple tables in a database
  • How to perform mathematical operations that analyze and summarize data

We'll be using a sample set of e-commerce data to write the data queries that you can later apply to any set of data, once you get your hands on it!

All you need to bring is a laptop -- we'll practice SQL using a web-based database. Note: SQL is a language used in MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, etc. Each system implements SQL slightly differently, but the basic queries we'll be covering will work on any of these systems.


No prior knowledge is required for this class. You only need a computer with internet access.

Level: Beginner

Dan Kozikowski

Director of Community @ FirstMark Capital

I’m the Director of Community at FirstMark Capital. I’ve taught nearly 400 students on Skillshare and am a Master Teacher, a distinction which only a small group of teachers have. My class topics range from SQL intro classes to workshops on learning to code in 120 minutes. You can read my 100+ student endorsements here. I taught myself to code in high school, then majored in computer science (and TA'd intro to CS) in college. Then I forgot most of it. Then I started coding again and got most of it back. Also, I love to teach.

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