Programming with Action Script 3.0 the basics

, Web and Indie game developer

What will you be learning?

How to setup your code environment to properly deveplop real applications in the programming langauge that powers the Flash platform. As well as learn the very basics of programming and programming in Action Script 3.0.


How will the class be structured?

  • Introduction to the class explaining outline of the class
  • Quick background on the Flash platform and why you should use it
  • Setting up everyones development tools
  • Simple "Hello World" in Action Script
  • Walking through the building blocks of programming (variables, conditional, loops, functions)
  • Q&A
  • 10 minute break
  • Exercise using what you have learned
  • Take test to see what everyone has learned
  • Explaination of where to go next
  • Study session

How should students prepare?

Read up on the Flash Platform via Wikipedia

Read up on Action Script via Wikipedia

Setup their development environment

What will get out of this lesson?

After you finish this class you will have a very basic enough understanding to start safely exploring the deeper more interactive areas of the flash platform which in turn will allow you to start making games and other cool applications!

Interest in using the Flash platform to develop games, applications, etc... And has a very basic understanding of what programming is.
  • Programming with Action Script 3.0 the basics

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Joseph Burchett

Web and Indie game developer

I have been using MongoDB for my startups database for about a year now. I also have been a web developer, working on both games and enterpise applications for almost 6 years now.

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