Programming Fundamentals for Non-Programmers

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Programming Fundamentals for Non-Programmers

Are you an (aspiring) entrepreneur or a non-technical employee looking for a stronger fluency in technical and programming-speak? Are you looking for a taste of what "programming" actually is, but don't even know where to start? This class will give you a foundation in computing and programming concepts needed to start engaging with better with web developers.  We'll help you with write your first web program.

We'll ground "programming" in something less abstract by exploring fundamental concepts like: "What is the programming process?" "What is front end and backend programming?" "What is a web application?" "What is a server?" "What is a html form?" We'll also show you how to get started with tools you may not even know you have on your computer.

The class is for beginners. 

The prerequisite is Skillshare Class Computing Fundamentals, Prerequisite for Programming Fundamentals or A general knowledge of computer and programming concepts like, what is a operating system, program, computers have a file system, programming languages are either interpreted or compiled, lastly what is a terminal and command line.

Steve Morin

Startup Advisor, Entrepreneur

Steve Morin is the VP of Product at Sociocast, a BigData startup based in New York City. He's on the advisory board of a number of San Francisco-based startups and Managing Partner at Crown and Scottish. Previously he worked as Director of Engineering at AT&T, founding member/architect at Permuto and his team built Yahoo's mobile search marketing platform. He holds an MS and BS in Computer Science. Find him on twitter @SteveMorin

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