Program iPhone Apps: Become an iPhone Developer

By ·iPhone/iPad Developer and Instructor

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Class Project

Build your first iPhone app

This class is designed for non-geeks and people without any programming experience. I will teach you everything you need to know about Xcode and Objective-C to get started making an iPhone app.

Paul's Course Update - 12/10/13

  • Signup for the brand new iPhone Course (iOS 7.0) to learn how to make iPhone apps for the new iPhone 5S and Xcode 5.
  • This course teaches iOS 6.0 and Xcode 4 (Last year's iPhone software).

Learning how to program is hard for a non-programmer, but with my class you'll acomplish small learning goals. Your small successes will allow you to tackle bigger challenges and build your ideas into iPhone apps.

What You'll Learn

  • Functions, Numbers, and Loops. You'll learn how to use functions, numbers, and loops to create work without causing your app to crash.
  • Using Objective-C. You'll use Objective-C and C programming Memory management.
  • Custom Objects and Code Files. We'll create new object types that will power your iPhone apps.
  • Memory and iPhone App Basics. We'll prevent memory leaks and use the tool Instruments to find problem areas in your app.
  • User Interface Design. We'll work on first designing an app using Interface Builder and then connect actions to your buttons and text fields.

What You'll Make

During this class you will create an iPhone app. You will
design user interfaces in Interface Builder and piece them together into a working program. Many of my students have built apps with the experience from this class. Checkout the latest student apps on the App Store!

Hop Scheduler - Brew beer with this app by Chris Gillis

Instaminion - A Dominion game randomizer by Tien Le


This class is designed for beginners. A Mac or PC can be used to learn iPhone app development. You'll need two books: Objective-C Programming and iOS Programming from the Big Nerd Ranch.

Level: Beginner

Paul Solt

iPhone/iPad Developer and Instructor

I love to learn and use new technology. My programming experience started with a TI-83+ calculator in 2000 and transitioned to Windows, Gameboy Advanced, Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad. I share my knowledge on,, and

I skipped the “real world” to run my own software studio called Artwork Evolution. We design photo apps, entertainment apps, and games for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 

Quick Facts:

I created 5 apps on the App Store (Photo Table and Artwork Evolution). I was an Adjunct Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I worked for Apple Inc. and Microsoft. I keep a Discraft 175g frisbee in my backpack.

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    Become a member to get unlimited access to hundreds of select classes and 20% off all other online classes.

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