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, Co-Founder at xCubicle

Classes will be catered to small groups of 2-6 people at a time. You will get undivided attention and go home knowing exactly how soldering works and possibly fix your own gadgetry that requires soldering.

What will you be doing?

  • Learn about the different types of solder.
  • Different techniques of soldering / desoldering.
  • A little history about soldering.
  • Learn to strip wires with and without tools.
  • Solder a AA battery pack to power up a LED or other gizmos.
  • And of course hands on training using a professional soldering iron.

At our repair shop we have a junk yard full of pcb boards everyone can practice on. We currently use very high end soldering irons that are totally different from cheap sub $100 ones you find at retail shops. So rest assured it will be a cool and entertaining experience.

Estimated Class Time: 1~2 hours

  • Introduction to Soldering 101


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Patrick C.

Co-Founder at xCubicle

This class will be taught by 2 teachers: Alex Degraf & Pat Chen

Alex Degraf is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and Bitcoin GPU miner technician. He's been in Bitcoin since 2011 and currently bulds custom mining rigs and hosts them for others.

Alex has over 10 years of linux administration and server experience. With his knowledge he builds linux Bitcoin GPU mining rigs with 6-7 GPU's. Aside from the Bitcoin fun, he used to be part of a few IRC groups back in the late 90's writing scripts for channel bots.

He is also part of the BitcoinNYC community and regularly attends the monthly meetups.


Pat Chen is a co-founder of a skill sharing space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He runs meetups + workshops during the evenings. During the day he manages his team of Drupal freelancers + electronics technician, saving his clients from the frustration of the web and their electronics. 

During Pat's free time he hosts meetups + teaches others at his space about trending technology's like Bitcoin and Drupal. He's been featured in Reuters and the Wall Street Journal about Bitcoin and his company.

He's got 13 years of web development experience under his belt and started to dabble in Drupal in 2007. Currently he and his team specializes in Drupal Web Development. He's a fanatic hardware guy that loves to take things apart to see how things work and manages to put everything back together when he's done. He's your typical well rounded techie that dabbles in almost everything bleeding edge.

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