Practical CS Fundamentals: Sorting, Data Structure and Big-O

, Lead Developer @Hyperpublic

We all love hacking.  It's fun and satisfying.  But it can also be frustrating at times if you don't understand the fundamental theories behind what you are doing.

While it's important to be familiar with specific tools of programming, good fundamentals enables a programmer to write fast, efficient code.

In this class, we will cover some building blocks of computer science: Iteration, Sorting Algorithms, and Big-O notation, as well as some Basic Data Structures.  You will leave the class with a little more confidence the next time when you hear people talk about things like Binary Search or Merge Sort.

This class is for beginners on the topic of Computer Science, but you should have some experience with programming.

  • Practical CS Fundamentals: Sorting, Data Structure and Big-O


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Eric Tang

Lead Developer @Hyperpublic

Eric Tang was most recently the lead developer at Hyperpublic, a data platform for location information acquired by Groupon in Feb 2012.  Before that, he was a product manager + software engineer at Clickable.

Eric writes code mostly in Ruby and Java, although he would pick up javascript, Objective C or even a little Python when called upon.  He loves learning and teaching about technology, almost as much as he loves startups and lasagna.

Eric studied computer science, computer engineering and business administration at Carnegie Mellon University.


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