Personal or Professional: How to Create a Blog People Will Read

, Social Media Coordinator at CBS

You'll get key tips and tricks for creating a kick-ass blog, no matter its purpose. Want to market your business with a blog? Want to place to publish your short stories? Want to share your cooking prowess with the web world? Learn how to increase readership, grow your network and take your blog to new heights.

This course will include a presentation and real world examples, followed by Q & A. We will be discussing:

From the Ground Up: Where, why and how to start a blog people will come back to again and again.

Comments and Commenting: How to best monitor incoming comments and how your own comments elsewhere can drive viewers.

Social Networking Tie-ins: Bring readers in drove by making use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Your instructor has been blogging for 12 years and has had three different jobs as a professional blogger. Let her get your blog before the maximum number of eyeballs.

  • Personal or Professional: How to Create a Blog People Will Read


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Brittney Gilbert

Social Media Coordinator at CBS
Brittney Gilbert has been blogging professionally since 2005. She was a news blogger at the ABC television station in Nashville, then worked as a news blogger for CBS in San Francisco. She is now the VP of Marketing & Outreach for a non-profit charity. She is the two-time winner of The Associated Press Television and Radio Association Mark Twain award for Best Blog; hosted a weekly on-air TV segment about local blogging and has been featured in multiple newspapers and magazines for her work, including Forbes Magazine.
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