Modern day blogging

, Founder/Principal - SummaLogic LLC

Blogging is still hot, and it has morphed into dynamic tool that allows you to express yourself in many different ways. But there are so many different options out there it's hard to choose the one that is right for you... Is a traditional blog best, or should you opt to use another social media platform to express yourself? Do you want maximum flexibility in shaping the look and feel of your social presence, or is a standard template good enough? Want to get your hands dirty and try some HTML and CSS, or would you rather just spend your time creating content? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when deciding how to create a platform to express yourself or share your passion. This class will cover topics that will make that decision much easier:
  • Traditional blogs versus social platforms such as Facebook and Google+
  • Overview of the most popular blogging platforms
  • Choosing your blog hosting strategy - provider-hosted versus self-hosted
  • Themes, styles and widgets - how to customize your look and feel
  • Creating content - keyboards, emails, smart phones
  • Embedding visuals in your posts - pictures and videos
  • Managing your content - tags, categories, links, pingbacks
  • Moderation - managing who can comment on your posts
  • Maintenance - ensuring you don't lose all your hard work!
  • Sharing your content - RSS feeds
  • Promoting your blog - search engine optimization and other techniques
Upon completion of this class you will be able to select and implement the blogging style and platform that is most appropriate for your presence in the social media world.
  • Modern day blogging


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Robert Keahey

Founder/Principal - SummaLogic LLC
Robert Keahey has over 30 years of IT experience delivering computing services to global clients of all sizes. As leader of Electronic Data Systems' (EDS) Innovation Centers he analyzed a wide range of emerging technologies for EDS' worldwide computing infrastructure. Robert served in many key roles at EDS including software & network engineering, data center software management, IT service delivery, internet hosting product and services development, and architecture strategy and design. He also led EDS' global technical training, delivering classroom and internet-based training to over 125,000 employees. As CTO for Cordys US, Robert led the development key industry applications for Cordys' business process management BPM platform. In 2009 Robert founded SummaLogic to offer business and technical strategy and planning services to small to medium clients and startups. He has expertise in cloud computing, virtualization, and social networking/media. Robert authors several business and technology blogs and is a recognized participant in industry forums such as Visit Robert's blog at
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