Meta Valuables - Unleash the hidden power of WordPress meta data

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Let's start with a little free association exercise. I'll say a WordPress phrase and you guys holler out the first thing that comes to mind. Ready? Meta Data.

I bet almost all of you just shouted custom fields! And that's awesome. When I discovered the power of meta data and custom fields, I unlocked a whole new world of functionality in my WordPress work. I could save extra information on any post I wanted. But meta data doesn't have to stay on just the Write New Post screen! Armed with a few core functions, we can save, edit and do amazing things with meta data linked to posts, pages, comments - even users - dynamically, from our front-end templates.

This three hour course will review a number of real life examples, coded live on-screen during the session. We'll cover things like using get_post_meta to create more dynamic templates, using update_user_meta to save custom data to individual users, and even go full circle using update_post_meta in our templates and then querying posts based on our new custom data.

The session will include a lot of hands-on code and students would most benefit from bringing their own computer. We'll be doing a lot of code up on the big screen and we'll have companion worksheets, but the best way to learn this stuff is to actually do it

Students need a base understanding of templates in WordPress. Template tags, the hierarchy, the Codex, conditional statements - these should all be familiar. We'll be writing PHP. This course is for WP developers looking to write more custom code.
  • Meta Valuables - Unleash the hidden power of WordPress meta data


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I try to make things that are awesome
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