Making Things that Don't Break - An Introduction to Autodesk123D

Ever had an idea for something, such as, a new kind of chair, keychain, coat hanger, umbrella, and not know how to make it real. You've probably seen countless products and thought, "I can make that better." 

In this class, we'll go over using Autodesk123d, a totally FREE 3d modeling software that makes it easy to build things. By the end of this class, you'll be well on your way to creating prototypes of your ideas. 

Things we'll cover:

  • Difference between 2d and 3d modeling 
  • Alternative software and why you might use them
  • Autodesk123d's menus, controls and settings
  • Importing components from 3rd Party sources
  • and more!
This is a beginner's class meant to leave you with hands-on experience to get things done. 
Thanks to the generosity of Bocoup Loft, this class will be free. Use discount code: FREEB
Please come with Autodesk123D already downloaded by following this link: . Sorry Unix. Windows only.
  • Making Things that Don't Break - An Introduction to Autodesk123D


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Cynthia A.

Cynthia has used a variety of modeling software, from Google Sketchup to Solidworks, studying product development during her time at Babson College via a joint partnership with Olin College of Engineering. 

Some notable projects she has co-developed have been a mobility assistance device for the temporary immobile and an educational toy for school children.


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