Making Something People Love

, Maker of Internet things, doodles his own mascots

It's back!

Note: All proceeds will be donated to Raise Cache, a benefit fashion show on November 17th to celebrate NY tech and raise $100,000 for HackNY. Help celebrate NYC as the epicenter of tech, fashion, media, and arts while fostering the next generation of innovators.

You've made something people want. Great - that's required before graduating to creating something people love.

When your competition only does just enough (odds are, if they're a typical company full of 9 to 5 employees, that's the standard -- do enough to not get fired), you've got a competitive advantage by having the will to exceed expectations.

This course will provide guidelines for creating an enthusiastic following, examining the cult-like obsession with brands like Apple, as well as cases and examples from my own experience growing reddit (one of the largest online communities) hipmunk (what a wild first year it's been!) and breadpig (we sell geeky things and our fans do the rest!)

Startups are the David vs the Goliath(s), after all, so exploit any and all advantages you've got. Want to make something people love? Be exceptional for them.

  • Making Something People Love

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    Wed, August 17th, 2011

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Alexis Ohanian

Maker of Internet things, doodles his own mascots

I co-founded reddit, one of the largest (yet tightest) communities online, with over 25 million unique visits a month. The lessons I've learned from growing reddit into a successful business I applied to launch hipmunk as director of marketing/pr/logo (now advising) and founder of breadpig.

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