Making Beautiful Maps: Geodata, Spatial Analysis, and Map Design

, Research Director, Gray Area Foundn. for the Arts

Discover your inner cartographer in 2 hours! From the first human maps on cave walls to real-time, continually-updated, crowdsourced geodata, mapping has come a long way in the last 8,000 years. Maps are currently used in an endless number of ways by artists, designers, developers, scientists, urban planners, city officials, tourists, explorers, and more.

In this class, in a matter of hours, you will discover how to:

  • use free, open-source mapping and design software to start playing with the countless datasets available on the web
  • create your own geo-data
  • bring it all together into a beautiful map using GIS and vector graphics programs

Whether you want to peruse census data, map your favorite bike routes, make awesome geo-art, or just have another skillset under your belt, this class will quickly take your mapping skills to the next level!

  • Making Beautiful Maps: Geodata, Spatial Analysis, and Map Design


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Jake Levitas

Research Director, Gray Area Foundn. for the Arts

I'm a designer focused on how information and design can serve as empowerment tools. I spent several years designing maps and analyzing data at an urban planning firm and translating these into intuitive graphics. Since then, I've been laying out, editing, and designing pages, documents, and graphics for nearly a decade in a variety of roles and positions. I co-founded Occupy Design, a global project to build a visual language for the Occupy movement centered around economic and social justice infographics and universal iconography. I currently serve as Research Director at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a local art and technology nonprofit, where I design and produce print and web media on a regular basis and manage creative technology projects.

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