Maintainable Javascript Applications

, Engineer at Skillshare

This class introduces Backbone.js as a way to organize your code and maintain your application under an MVC framework. We'll also cover Require.js as a way to modularize your code.

We'll cover:

  • The Javascript journey at Skillshare – What we've learned.
  • Design Patterns in Javascript.
  • Getting up-and-running with Backbone.js.
  • Organizing your code-base with Require.js.
  • How it all fits together.

This class is targeted at:

  • JS Engineers, looking to clean-up and maintain their code-base.
  • JS Engineers, currently only using jQuery and are generally looking to broaden their skills.
  • YUI Engineers, interested in learning about Backbone as an alternative.
  • Back-end Engineers, interested in broadening their skills to the front-end.
A good knowledge of Javascript, as we won't be covering the language itself in detail. Experience with OOP/MVC will be of benefit but not essential.

Chris Boardman

Engineer at Skillshare

I'm an Engineer at Skillshare, primarily focusing on the front-end of My day-to-day involves writing code that scales with our platform.

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