Learn to Solder with MAKE Magazine at GE Garages @ SXSW

, Web Producer at MAKE: Magazine

Join Jake Spurlock and Tyler Moskowite from MAKE Magazine and learn to solder your own LED badge!

The learn to solder skill badge kit has been used to teach thousands of people of all ages how to solder at Maker Faires across the country. It's a simple, fun way to learn how to solder.

Once complete, you'll have a great blinky robot that you can proudly wear and when people ask where you got it, you get to reply "I made it!".

A blast for everyone who is at SXSW, just ask anyone who's been to a Maker Faire!

  • Learn to Solder with MAKE Magazine at GE Garages @ SXSW


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Jake Spurlock

Web Producer at MAKE: Magazine
Jake Spurlock is a web producer at MAKE Magazine. He's a self-described lover of all things digital - from design and development to photography and video production. 
Check out Jake's Makezine Blog, his personal blog, and find him tweeting at @whyisjake.
Tyler Moskowite is an Engineering intern at MAKE. You can find him tweeting at @tmoskowite.
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