Learn to Solder - Build Your Own TV-B-Gone!

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The MakerBar heard you like metal - now it's time to get the lead out! Use a real soldering iron to make a real project, guided by MakerBar's expert hardware hackers.

No prior experience is necessary - as long as you can tell which part of the soldering iron is the business end* you're good to go!

Come to our secret hackerspace lair, take your place at a soldering station, and get guided hands-on practice making the TV-B-Gone, the one-button universal remote that kills any television. Your ticket price includes materials - you get to take your homemade TV-B-Gone with you!

We only have a few soldering stations, so take your place while you can! This is great father-son bonding - soldering is a surprisingly safe and useful skill.

Ticket price includes all the parts you need to make your TV-B-Gone, as well as one hour of guided instruction at the MakerBar hobbyist workshop.

*It's the pointy bit. Now you have no excuse.

  • Learn to Solder - Build Your Own TV-B-Gone!


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Hoboken MakerBar, The Place for Incredible Project

Zack Freedman is a co-founder of the MakerBar hackerspace, an honors graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, and an avid hardware hacker. He has used an Arduino to build a cyborg heads-up display, create a video game controlled by a baby doll, and broadcast his brain waves over Bluetooth.

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