Land a job at a startup even if you can't code

, Product Manager at BloomReach

You really want to work for a startup, but you can't code. You're envious of your engineer friends who seem to walk around the Valley and have job offers thrown at them. You love startups and really want to be part of building a company. You know you have valuable skills. Maybe you're great at Excel and Powerpoint. Maybe you're great at hustling. Maybe you're great at online marketing. Maybe you're not sure what you're good at, but you're willing to do anything, learn anything.

How do you get a startup to pay attention long enough to realize that they need to hire you?

This class will help you structure your job search and arm you with a set of recruiting tactics to go after that dream startup job.

In this class, I will cover:

  • How to source for startup jobs
  • How to choose startups that are likely to hire you
  • How to take whatever experience you have and make your skills relevant
  • How to network even if you hate schmoozing
  • How to compensate for a lack of official technical skills 
  • How to impress a startup in the interview process

Prep: You will get the most out of this class if you come with questions about your specific job search. 

Ailian Gan

Product Manager at BloomReach

I am a Product Manager at BloomReach. I have no formal technical background. I have an undergraduate degree in Economics, an MBA, and work experience entirely in finance. Despite these shortcomings, I've switched from Goldman Sachs investment banking to my current product role in a tech startup. With that transition, I've changed all 3 in the job search trifecta - company, job function and geography.

I have advised dozens of friends, who in turn referred me to their friends and friends of friends, looking to switch from consulting / banking / corp dev / something else into startups. Now that I'm on the hiring side, I have interviewed many candidates for BloomReach, most of whom do not have technical backgrounds.

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