Introduction to d3.js and data-driven visualizations

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d3.js is a JavaScript library for efficient data manipulation and visualization. It doesn't aim to provide a rich feature set; rather, the goal is to allow the user to have control over the transformations applied to the data.

The lecture portion will cover an example that covers the basics of binding data, manipulating that data's representation in the DOM, and the different transformations we can apply on the visualizations.

After the lecture portion, we'll have a more hands-on exercise where students will try to bind their own datasets and try to create their own visualizations.  Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have specific visualizations in mind.

Proceeds will be going towards hackNY, an organization aimed at supporting and growing the New York innovation community.

Familiarity with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML is recommended to get the most out of the talk. Students will need to bring a laptop if they want to do the hands-on portion. Finally, if there are specific visualizations/layouts students would like to see from the d3.js gallery, please contact me so I can plan the hands-on portion accordingly.
  • Introduction to d3.js and data-driven visualizations


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Kenny Peng

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I've been using d3.js for several months. More recently, I've been working with the geographic framework (d3.geo.js), which has its own peculiarities and gotchas. The project can be found at and the source at

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