This class will cover the basics of node.js and server side javascript. It is designed for individuals who have prior programming experience and wish to learn about node.js and how to write applications using it.

It will cover the use of various core module as well as 3rd party modules. Students will also learn how to manage multi file projects and write their own modules. They will also be exposed to many ways to manage code flow and design in a typical node.js system.

You should have a basic understanding of javascript and be able to write non trivial code using it.
  • Intro to node.js


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Roman Shtylman

I have been developing using node.js as a primary technology platform for over a year. I currently use it in production for two websites and have prototyped a number of other web projects using it. Through my use, I have become familiar with the various patterns in node.js code and benefits and pitfals. In addition, I have authored and contributed to several 3rd party modules.

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