Intro to Technical Concepts for Non-techies: Web Development 1

Are you a “non-techie” that is interested in understanding programming concepts and web development?  Technology is having a dramatic impact on almost every single industry.  Understanding web development is becoming more and more important, whether you want to differentiate yourself in the new digital economy or start your own tech company.  This class is the second in a series designed to provide a general overview and background of core computing concepts, and to help students get started on the right path to learning the magic behind how today’s technology works.


This class will be focused specifically on web-development and is a separate stand-alone class from the others, so no pre-requisites are required.  There will be an overview of important concepts, and then we’ll work through a specific example of how to execute an idea to show how those concepts are applied to build something that people will love.


Who this class is for:

  • People with an idea that want to know how to get started executing their idea from a technical standpoint.
  • People who want to be able to talk more knowledgeably with programmers and technical people.
  • People who want to broaden their skills and knowledge to differentiate themselves in their careers.


What students will learn:

  • Core programming techniques required for web development.
  • An overview of the process, from beginning to launch, of how to build a web development product.  We’ll use an e-commerce product as an example.
  • Come armed with questions and we’ll try to get them all answered.

Michael Recce

Michael has a PhD in Neuroscience and has been a professor for over 20 years, having taught a number of computer-related courses.  His teaching style is very adaptive to students needs with an emphasis on using real world examples to help students understand why specific nuggets of information are important.  Students in his traditional classes have praised his teaching style and “fountain of endless knowledge.”  They’ve also stated, “too many instructors teach the past… Recce talks about the future and forces us to innovate in ways that other professors do not.”


In addition to teaching, Michael has also worked for Intel and has experience coaching and mentoring startup founders.  He has played an active role in various startups and is also an inventor.

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