Intro to Programming for Designers

, Graduate Student at SVA MFA Interaction Design

Do you find programming foreign and intimidating?  It doesn't have to be. In this class I will show you from the ground up why programming works the way it does, give you a sense of how to start writing programs.  After the class you will understand what it means to think algorithmically (and what algorithmically means!)

To give you a taste of programming and get you writing code, we will do a few simple exercises in the Processing program language, which is designed for creating computer art.

In addition to the programming exercise, I will also give an overview for how to learn to program, and what are good resources to look into.  I will also answer questions about specific project you'd like to get started on if you have any.

Bring a laptop, and install Processing from
  • Intro to Programming for Designers


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Tony Chu

Graduate Student at SVA MFA Interaction Design

I have been doing web design professionally for six years, and I am a graduate student at the School of Visual Art's MFA Interaction Design program.  Although I am a programmer, I work with many designers, and I want to give designers the tools they need to realize their designs on the web.  I have given this workshop to my designer classmates, and they loved it.  I am confident you will too.

Here's some of my work.  This particular piece for the AIGA, done in collaboration with Barbara deWilde, is my personal favourite in terms of type work.

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