Intro to Circuits & Electronics

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This hands-on course is a comprehensive introduction to the basics of low voltage DC circuitry. Participants will learn how to read schematic diagrams and put together circuits. No prior experience is required. Each week will build on the previous, starting with the most simple circuits and becoming progressively more complex. Topics and concepts include Ohm's Law, electronics safety and best practices, how to use a multimeter, how resistance effects voltage, how resistors and capacitors act together to control timing operations, how transistors and diodes amplify and control the flow of current, and integrated circuits like the classic 555 timer which is the central building block of so many cool projects it will make you dizzy. We will also work with motors and relays, switches, optical sensors, and LEDs. The series of workshops is designed for beginners, and will turn you into a total electronics dork with mad skills. Each section will have a slightly different focus or constellation of projects, so you're welcome to take more than one course to reinforce the fundamentals.

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  • Intro to Circuits & Electronics


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