Illustrator QuickStart for Beginners

Are you new to digital graphics or are you more experienced creating with other programs like Photoshop? You've heard of pixels, but do you draw a blank when thinking about drawing with vectors? We will have fun in this easy to understand hands-on workshop exploring Illustrator's powerful ability to create clean, sharp artwork that can be output to any size without quality loss. I have been working with Illustrator since it's introduction into the graphic arts world and love sharing the pleasures of this program without the pain!

In this class we will look at, demystify and play with:

  • Understanding what you can create with Illustrator: Logo Design, Web Design artwork, Animation, Game Design artwork [Just to name a few]
  • The pros and cons of vector and pixel images
  • Setting up your document based on output
  • Learning how to navigate the toolbar, tabs and palettes
  • Working with Layers
  • Understanding and drawing vector paths with the pen tool
  • Selecting objects
  • Transforming artwork with Rotation, Scale, and Transform effects 
  • Using Fills and Strokes to add color to objects [or text]
  • Color Swatches for saving color palettes
  • File Formats: Saving your image forever and ever

If we have time we will discuss working with Text and RGB VS. CMYK color models.

Class Structure
This interactive workshop will flow between my explanation and you trying it out for yourself.  The best way to learn is for you to move that mouse around!. The best questions come from actual hands on experience. Even though you won't want to stop, we will take a 5 minute break in the middle of class for stretching or a bathroom visit.

Software & Computer
Please beg, borrow or bring your own laptop [fully charged] with Illustrator C6 already installed. If you don't already own it, you can download a free 30 day trial by clicking here.

You should:
Be ready to have fun!

Must be comfortable working on a computer and have basic understanding of OSX or Windows. This course is for beginners with very little or absolutely no experience designing or editing in Illustrator.
  • Illustrator QuickStart for Beginners


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Gayle Rosen

Gayle is a dynamic digital media educator with advanced expertise in teaching digital new media tools, supported by an extensive fine arts background. Fusing her interests in art, science and technology, Gayle has two decades of experience working for innovative companies who paved the way for the technology used in digital imaging today. Specifically, she has been teaching Photoshop and Illustrator since their introduction into digital imaging.

As a technology education consultant to Fortune 500 companies, she has taught and inspired professional designers to use Adobe Creative Suite and push the envelope of creative design. Gayle recently earned a Master’s in Art Education and New Media from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and was chosen as the graduating student speaker at her commencement ceremony. 

Currently, Gayle is a Teaching Mentor at the prestigious Cloud Foundation's Boston ArtScience Prize. As an educator, she strives to inspire mastery of digital tools and creative ideation to students of all ages and skill levels. She is expert at preparing curricula, developing an engaging, fun and responsive classroom experience and bringing an energetic enthusiasm to every learning environment.

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