How to make money from your Art.

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You've spent years in school studying your craft. You've hacked together products over a weekend. You know how to build.

But do you know how to sell?

This is a class for artisans, hackers, and builders who need to turn their art into money. No matter how amazing your creations are, you will not be successful unless someone pays you for them.

In this class, you will get concrete steps that will help you master the sales process without ever coming off as too "salesy".

Here are some things we will cover:

Learn how to make the psychological switch between creator and seller.

How to pitch yourself without compromising your art (and without sounding like a phoney)

Price Negotiation: how to talk about prices early on so that you never get to that uncomfortable moment ( and how to never negotiate on price only).

Closing: techniques to get them to buy that won't make you sound like a used car salesman.

I am keeping the class pretty small for now, as I want to focus on each of you at an individual level.

Special thanks to the 2 amazing creatives who inspired me to create this class. Keiko Hirosue who makes the best walking shoes in all of Brooklyn, and Phaedra Elizabeth who makes the most unique and memorable wedding gowns.

  • How to make money from your Art.


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